Blockchain Training

Is AI the most revolutionary and disruptive technology? Is it driverless cars… NO!!!

Racenext presents an insightful training program to understand the basics and the building blocks of the Blockchain technology and how it's going to disrupt almost all aspects of the economy. Many have strong opinions on blockchain, and the hype surrounding it is very high. People either like blockchain or hate it, but nobody can ignore it.

Blockchain is the underlying technology for bitcoins. While the legal status of cryptocurrencies in India (and many other countries) is uncertain, the technology itself has disruptive potential in several sectors.
Blockchain enables secure, fast, anonymous, reliable peer to peer transfer of digital assets (currency, stocks, land, etc.) through a distributed ledger where transactions are approved by consensus. The blockchain is cryptographically tamper-proof and by design prevents any counterfeit asset to propogate.

Is Blockchain for me?
Every disruption creates winners and losers whenever there has been shift in paradigms. Several organizations and countries have already started significant use cases of blockchain for governance, identity, insurance, health-care, diamond evaluation, music copyrights etc.
For young professionals, it is a fantastic opportunity to develop skills that will be very useful in the long run.

Program Contents

Given below is a short gist of sub topics covered in the Blockchain introductory program
Format of delivery
Overview of Emerging Technologies
30 mins
Blockchain - what, how, benefits, gaps, key concepts, cryptography etc.
Classroom + videos
30 mins
Crypto currencies, ICOs, eWallets, Precautions
Classroom + videos
60 mins
Blockchain use cases: Banking + Others
Classroom + videos60 mins
Technologies involved: which to select
Classroom + videos
60 mins
Adoption: approach, legal status, plan
60 mins

Probably, not everything can be easily located and learnt from youTube and Google….
This program consolidates from multiple authentic sources of knowledge, in-house trials and provides a crisp and curated dose of important, up-to-date and relevant information to save your time and effort of searching. The peer to peer interactions during this program enhances the effectiveness of learning and retention multi-fold.
An outline for each subject covered through presentations and case studies will be as follows:
  1. What it is. The nuts and bolts. How it works. Why important. Ready to use?
  2. Where it could be applied in real-life contexts. Who is already using it.
  3. Products, Platforms, Projects, Policies and Potential opportunities
  4. Exercises, Q&A and summarizing our learnings

Who should attend

This program is for curious business leaders as well as people who are in business support functions. We invite finance, technology, supply chain, manufacturing professionals to evaluate this program.
For students, this program may serve as a guiding point to focus their career interest in one particular area among the topics covered.

Enquire about our customized in-house program for your company.

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Any group size. Also ask for deep dive sessions on a specific topic.

Expected benefits

+ Rich interactive knowledge sharing.
+ Participation certificate for students
+ Develop professional networks
+ Access to blockchain solution experts
+ Useful reads and training content online
+ Customized in-house programs
+ Partnering and Sponsorship opportunities
Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Program details

Price (Rs)
Students Price (Rs.)

28-Oct full day
Hotel Suba Galaxy
Andheri, Mumbai

21-Nov, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Bombay CA Society
Church gate, Mumbai
members only

24 Nov, 2:30-6:30 p.m.
rise mumbai, 
Lower Parel, Mumbai

28 Nov, 6:00-9:30 p.m.
CIO Klub 
Andheri, Mumbai
members only
* GST 18% as applicable extra. #C.U.G. Closed used group

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